Not all great ideas are things you would need a patent for. Take a kitchen for example. I'm a carpenter, and can design and build a kitchen from scratch for someone. However the new design I come up with is not something I would need to submit a patent application for. Some of us have fantastic ideas and maybe they are not something completely new or unique... so they don't qualify for obtaining a patent. But having an idea like this can still make you money. In the case of these types of ideas... the money usually comes through the effort put into creating the product itself. While this may not be as prestigious, it should not be overlooked as a potential income stream. Who knows, perhaps one of these types of ideas can fund your other patent worthy ideas! What kinds of ideas in this category would you be willing to share here? Perhaps the many hands on deck from this group could help with ideas on how to bring it to market. Go ahead, share your non-patent ideas and lets get this community percolating with good inspiration!

Posted by mancalledlarry at 2024-06-08 14:57:44 UTC