OH MY GOSH!!!! Ok, I just watched the movie that I missed from the recent movie night event, "Pathways to Invention". WOW WOW WOW!!! It was SO inspiring! I LOVED it! I think my favourite (Yes, I'm Canadian... thus the erroneous U in favourite) take away expression was "He's a pathalogical inventor" lol! I can TOTALLY relate. I get interested in EVERYTHING... and consequently sometimes (uh... umm... ok, always - according to my wife) get a little over-enthusiastic about things. It's my way of "capturing power" in the form of potential information that I might be able to used to solve some future problem. Pathalogical Inventor is my new fav term and I think I'll gladly wear that label! If you haven't yet seen the movie, slot it in for an evening soon. It looks like it will only be available until June 29th. Enjoy!

Posted by mancalledlarry at 2024-06-06 01:36:10 UTC