FOOD FOR THOUGHT: There is a knowledge beyond the inventors' knowledge. For example, every inventor/creative person needs some material to give life to his/her invention. So every inventor in this world is producing some material ( invention..) by using another material which is already available for his invention.. But this universe was created at some past time when there was no material, from where this material came? Some wise people say that in such situation, the inventiveness is not workable, rather a command/chain of commands..needed.... (secret code) we take fruits from the trees which need seeds for starting their lives. genuine INVENTORS need ideas for making their inventions, and these ideas are not material things. The more pure, with good purpose and intentions, the inventors' thoughts would be, then the more high level ideas🧲💡💡 may come in his mind and heart 💖.... These are the gifts for the gifted persons having with some deep connections, given by some SOURCE and these gifts/ideas have some purpose, matching with the beauty and goodness of this universe based on wisdom. ( Note: its another side of the story that how mankind involved impurities in this pure deal ....) what things and factors make an idea a big idea and what factors make an idea a small idea in any space and time....specially in the world of human beings? May be it is its impact on society; generating wealth, setting new trends and patterns of life, creating new professions, making people connecting with truth and making people healthy and beneficial for others, stopping unnecessary battles, making peace and harmony in the world( fruits of inventions..). But these are the low profile areas for some people, few people know about this. with regards! mahmood

Posted by h.mahmood at 2024-06-05 18:40:49 UTC