@mancalledlarry 🤗👍🌈🌨️ This trying to be a community of inventors needs honest appreciation to each other's real talent and if people here, as a whole would be helping each other in sharing of required information along with thought full discussions/comments and posts etc ( RICH CONTENT BY INTELLECTUAL PEOPLE/FELLOW MEMBERS MEANS A VALUABLE ASSET FOR ANY SUCH WEBSITE/APP, as it attracts more and more traffic but if it is dealt carelessly then one may loose it.. ) & if the community environment here would be cooperating having some possible practical help too with lesser self projection and without undue/unhealthy competition within fellow members then this community/baby community of inventors would have some future otherwise......time may be wasted.... COMMUNITY BUILDING/TRUST BUILDING IS A DELICATE WORK OF ART, DEALING WITH HUMAN BEINGS ( ITS NOT THE PERSONAL PROPERTY OF SOMEONE ) AND IT NEEDS PATIENCE AND CAREFULNESS IN SELECTION OF WORDS AND IN JUDGING OTHERS' INTENTIONS.... GOD BLESS YOU!

Posted by h.mahmood at 2024-06-01 18:18:13 UTC