Did You Know? πŸ€” Hey, Inventor Smart Community! We wanted to share some valuable information with you about the incredible resources available in our app. There are many fantastic features beyond the social media chat feed. Let's explore! Explore the Folders: β€’ Main Menu: Access all the app's features from one convenient location: https://app.inventorsmart.com/folders/1 β€’ Chat Groups: Connect and engage with fellow inventors in various chat groups: https://app.inventorsmart.com/folders/20 β€’ Member Directory: Find and connect with other members in our community: https://app.inventorsmart.com/members β€’ Upcoming Events: Stay updated with all our exciting events: https://app.inventorsmart.com/events β€’ Inventor Spotlight: Discover inspiring stories and achievements of fellow inventors: https://app.inventorsmart.com/folders/42 β€’ Inventor Resources: A treasure trove of valuable information to help you on your inventing journey: https://app.inventorsmart.com/folders/9 β€’ App Support: Get help and support for any app-related issues: https://app.inventorsmart.com/groups/helpdesk β€’ Inventor Merch: Check out our exclusive merchandise: https://inventormart.com/ β€’ Premium Membership: Learn about the benefits of our premium membership: https://app.inventorsmart.com/paywall β€’ About Us: Get to know more about our community and mission: https://app.inventorsmart.com/folders/114 β€’ Our Sponsors: Meet the sponsors who support our community: https://app.inventorsmart.com/folders/41 β€’ Settings: Customize your app experience: https://app.inventorsmart.com/profile/settings How to Find the Folders: You can find all these folders on the left side of your screen on the desktop or via the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines) in the mobile app. Focus on Inventor Resources: Did you know the Inventor Resources tab is packed with essential tools and information? Here's what you'll find: β€’ US Patent & Trademark Office Info β€’ Inventor Smart Newsletter β€’ Find Service Providers β€’ Glossary of Invention Terms β€’ Videos & Podcasts β€’ Inventor Directory β€’ Turn Your Invention Idea Into a Business with Invention Expert Brian Fried β€’ Tradeshow Directory β€’ Inventor Books β€’ Inventing Tips Quick Videos β€’ Got Invention Show β€’ Inventor Class Discover more by exploring the Resources tab at https://app.inventorsmart.com/folders/9. Make the most of these resources to fuel your inventing journey! πŸš€ Happy inventing! β€” The Inventor Smart Team

Posted by Inventor Smart at 2024-05-28 16:07:34 UTC