Last month USPTO's Pro Bono program (offers free legal patent assistance) invited me to speak on behalf of inventors and their experience with the program utilized by some inventors that fit the criteria and others aren't even aware the program exists. I offered my recommendations on how it can improve from my own prospectives and feedback from the inventor community. Learn about the program and hear my suggestions on the future of the program, first could be changing the name of it... If you want to learn more about pro bono program and hear my comments this is a little bit of the longer version to watch: Also, if you feel like you have some ideas to help the program that I might have missed and you'd like to provide comments on what I presented please leave them here or direct message me so I can continue to pass the information to the USPTO and Congress. #probono #uspto #freeadvice #inventor #underprivileged #changemakers #innovation #patents #iplaw

Posted by BrianFried at 2023-07-01 10:55:33 UTC