I look forward to adding more of my thoughts to the "Social Media Question" that came up in last nights lively #MeetandGreet. In the meantime, I came across this article which points to a large part of my thesis in how to handle social media for small businesses - that is, to utilize new and emerging technologies to be more effective and efficient. https://www.lbbonline.com/news/dept-and-bigr-social-build-ai-powered-application-to-revolutionise-social-media-management " This article discusses the collaboration between DEPT, a global digital agency, and BIGR Social, a social media management platform, to create an AI-powered mobile application designed to revolutionize social media management for small businesses. Launched for early access in May 2024, the app automates the generation of personalized social media posts for businesses, including captions, images, and hashtags, optimized for the most effective times and platforms. This initiative aims to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of social media marketing, allowing small business owners to focus more on other business aspects while maintaining a strong online presence. DEPT's expertise in digital product design and AI technologies makes them a fitting partner for BIGR Social, supporting their mission to transform the social media landscape for small and medium enterprises. " It's my personal experience that I have benefited from AI tools such as GPT, Midjourney, and Opus, to name a few, when it comes to organizing and planning content strategies, generating written, audio, and video content and more. I find leveraging these kinds of tools to be time-saving and empowering. *Disclaimer DYOR or ask friends for tips/advice before jumping into something new. And big thanks again to everyone who joined last night's Meet & Greet. The discussion was fun and it was great to meet everyone. Thanks again to the hosts @Samantha St Raymond and @shawn.taylor and @BrianFried for sharing his wisdom.

Posted by Andy Katz at 2024-05-14 14:57:25 UTC