A product is no good if no one knows we have it or what problem it solves. Building that connection with consumers can take time unless we are the next IPhone. The goal is to build an awareness between our product and consumers experiencing the problem it solves. When consumers make that connection, they make the purchase. But first, we must create the awareness that our product exists. The more this existence is spread, the chance of purchases increase. One way to build awareness of our product is through ads. Learning when and how to use free resources can make the difference between purchasing inventory and investing in ad campaigns. I put my product out there through ads for several months before consumers started making the connection with it. Then one day, someone purchased 12 @ $9.99 each. It started resonating by me putting it out there to enough people. Now, I’m working on repackaging multi-packs to pass savings on to the consumers.

Posted by shawn.taylor at 2024-05-14 14:03:16 UTC