It was time to get this task off of my to-do list and join Brian's group! My wife will be grateful for not having to listen to all the crazy ideas that are spinning around in my head all the time. Unfortunately, none of my friends think like I do either so I need an outlet. I'm just going to dive right in... Why today??? I have been circling back again and again over the last couple of years to a problem that literally stares me in the face every day. I have pages and pages of terrible drawings and a pile of parts and crap from failed experiments. Some worked but were not very practical and I really didn't want to go through a massive engineering process anyway. Then all of a sudden it came to me! Instead of building a completely new product, I created a small device that I could use to fix what was missing in existing products. It instantly attaches and I built 10 working prototypes in about 30 minutes to use in my own home. The best part is that the total cost for all this was about $2.00 and each one of these has the potential to save a homeowner at least $20 which is the lowest cost for an alternative product. I am usually all about licensing but this time I am seriously thinking that I should get them manufactured and go the Amazon route. Obviously the place to go for cheap manufacturing is Alibaba. My only issue is that my device is made up of 2 pieces that are glued together; 1 made out of steel and 1 made out of plastic. I have found lots of manufacturers of metal and lots for plastic but I need both as well as assembly, packaging and shipping. Anyone else run into this dilemma? Cheers, Dave

Posted by serverseat at 2024-04-06 19:17:59 UTC