Hello Inventor Community! I wanted to re-introduce myself here in the Welcome Lounge, our new space for introductions! I'm Andy Katz. The first business I founded was an online marketplace for global artisans, like a niche Etsy. I parlayed that experience of building a business online into helping other online businesses grow and succeed. I'm excited by new technologies like Blockchain and large language models like GPT. I live in South Florida and my favorite hobby is growing a food forest. One way I think I can be helpful to inventors in the Community is by sharing my Tech knowledge and advice. Feel free to ask me any questions if you have them. Please feel free to introduce yourself or re-introduce yourself, and let's keep the conversation going. Inventors are a rare and important breed. You never know what might come of just saying Hi! Looking forward to hearing your stories and maybe even collaborating on some groundbreaking projects! Warmly, Andy P.S. A big hello to our 27 new members who've recently joined us: @celesterivas916 (Celeste) @anchique (German Anchique) @billbyrdauto (Bill) @Rrmalone79 (Raquel Malone) @brucecrawford.inventor (Bruce Crawford) @llindustries (Lenny L) @gaurav.raj (Gaurav Raj) @fpcontreras @scott (Torques_Founder) @elaine.d.alexander @ShipSource (Alan) @linb724 (Linb) @mustafaozg (Mustafa) @mrhoustonp @holland.rochelle3 (Rochelle) @svrandle @Rey692 (Ramon Gomez) @loge_quince_0t (Jordan Brady) @slward4267 @bigserving @hiecharles (Hyacinth Charles) @bigblue007 (Dave) @bobstewart1066 @qureshifiroj558 (Kureshi firoj) @nymets2019 (Michael Smith) @ReyanaP (Reyna) @brody.dixon #WelcomeLounge

Posted by Andy Katz at 2024-03-17 19:15:31 UTC