March 2024 Edition of Insiders' Digest Available on the Inventor Smart App Access the latest edition of Insiders' Digest, previously Innovator's Compass, directly through the Inventor Smart App or view online at This issue delivers an in-depth analysis of current trends, updates, and insights shaping the innovation and invention sectors. Featured Highlights: • Venture Capital Trends: Insights into the 2024 venture capital landscape, highlighting investment sectors and strategic funding approaches for startups. • AI Inventorship Guidelines: Details on the USPTO’s latest guidance for AI-assisted inventions, emphasizing human creativity's role in innovation. • Support for Entrepreneurs by the Federal Reserve: Overview of initiatives designed to boost entrepreneurship and small business success. • US Economic Performance Q4 2023: Examination of the economic resilience in the US and its implications for innovators. • Lanny Smoot's HoloTile Innovation: Exploration of HoloTile technology's potential to transform interactive spaces through illusion and reality. • Satoshi Nakamoto's Emails: Analysis of Bitcoin's ethical and philosophical underpinnings, derived from the inventor's communications. • Google Arts & Culture: Introduction to the platform that connects users with global art and cultural heritage to fuel innovation. • Entrepreneurial Conferences: Guide to pivotal networking, learning, and growth events in March & April 2024. • Riddle Challenge: Stimulate your innovative thinking with a set of riddles, answers to be unveiled in the next issue. For full details, access the Insiders' Digest within the Inventor Smart App. For inquiries and submissions, contact

Posted by Inventor Smart at 2024-03-17 18:11:37 UTC