Hi everyone, hope all are well and are beginning a new journey in the life of a Inventor like I am. I have many patents to claim but lack the funding and my main idea is in the many many billions of billions ball-park It's a safer update and cleaner way of using our Australian 2 large outside bins that would take off in a heartbeat and not to give to much away. I need top level investments for the prices on the idea as a patented locally and Internationally to pay for the claims and to all investors I would like to easily say first in best dressed, it's an automated idea patent for the highest most best and Enevertable formation of our rubbish waste and is going to happen no matter what but being the first person to see in movement and in all parts, it's simpler than you would like to think and made cleaner crystal clear, safer especially for the Elderly and fun for the whole house hold. Like I said someone was going to do and $#I$$$ just happened to be the first person to see this idea that will no matter what be of much need and expected turn-overs of Profit sits internationally in the Hundreds of BILLIONS OF DOLLARS AREA. I need to sell 20percent of the International patent idea as to then $Own$ 20percent of the Corporation and the Early Birds Catch the worm. I have a extremely low asking price of 70million to pay for the Intelligence of my Brilliance and for the price of the patent as an international patent application to be fully claimed with all legal ends tied. I have an unbeatable brilliance that shines amongst the rest with a $Beutifull MIND with many many more international patent claims, one after another, I believe that currently there is no other mind on this planet as diverse in intelligence core construct in data speeds that give me the Caperbilities to foresee future needs. I'm a gentle kind, caring, amazing, brilliant, humble and mature intellect that currently is not living the life I truly believe I deserve with quality. I just need to be funded to kick this rotation off while in the mix with many more internationally needed Patents of Today to be released raising societies quality, comfort and in style for an EXCITING JOURNEY!!! electronicmindwaves@gmail.com bigbadmudcrab@gmail.com demonicbeastform@gmail.com 0422972596

Posted by electronicmindwaves at 2024-02-24 16:44:08 UTC