🎉 Hello and Happy New Year, Inventor Smart Family! We're excited to announce that Child Be Safe - Life-Saving Child & Pet Safety Products (childbesafe.com) has officially launched on “Grommet” a community-driven platform that features unique and innovative products from Small Businesses and Makers. Help us get noticed by “upvoting” our life-saving product on Grommet's website! Here is the link: https://thegrommet.com/product/parents-kids/child-be-safe-traditional-switch-cover-guard With your support, we can make a huge impact and share our mission with the world! We sincerely thank you for your time, help and support! Thank you for your help, @BrianFried ! George & Kaliopi Melistas Owners & Founders Child Be Safe childbesafe.com

Posted by Child Be Safe at 2024-01-13 05:08:49 UTC