GET YOUR BINDER READY FOR 2024: How are you planning on increasing sales in 2024? There's many channels to market our product(s). Ads and campaigns are just one way to get our brand to the market to increase sales. Running ads and campaigns could be more lucrative than a post on social media. Some useful channels to market: 1) Social media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest. You can set your budget. When your product start to become familiar to many consumers, you are on your way to building a brand). 2) YouTube 3) Google Ads 4) Streaming networks / Influencers- (DBTV, etc.) their audience will most likely use what they are promoting) 5) Videos 6) Word of mouth TIP: if your product is a tooth brush, advertise where toothpaste content is. That's where your market is. If you YouTube a video about toothpaste, see how many views, subscribers, etc. it has. Placing an ad/banner of your product there will reach that audience.

Posted by shawn.taylor at 2023-12-26 17:46:10 UTC