Hello Inventor Smart Community! As a member of our vibrant community, I'm excited to reshare a video from our founder, Brian Fried and his conversation with USPTO Director Kathi Vidal: Free Invention Help Available from US Patent and Trademark Office Director Vidal and Brian Fried. This video offers invaluable insights and is a fantastic resource for all of us passionate about invention and innovation. Key Highlights from the Video: - Comprehensive USPTO Resources: The video provides a detailed look into the resources available on the USPTO website, essential for inventors at all levels. - Guidance for Beginners: It specifically addresses those new to intellectual property, making the process more accessible and understandable. - Educational Opportunities: The discussion includes educational resources like virtual webinars and boot camps, which are vital for grasping the patent process. - Direct Assistance: Introduction to the Inventor Resource Center and the Patent Trademark Resource Center, which are instrumental in navigating patent processes and prior art. - Self-Empowerment: The video emphasizes the importance of self-education in the patent process, even when working with professionals. This video is not just informative; it's a guiding light for us as inventors. The expertise shared by Brian Fried and Director Vidal is a testament to the depth of knowledge and support our community offers. Let's continue to inspire and support each other in our inventive journeys! Andy

Posted by Andy Katz at 2023-12-07 17:29:52 UTC