The Enzo Container A REUSABLE, and more AFFORDABLE, technology to extend the shelf life of food, drinks, and other perishables by 3 to 5 times longer! This innovation addresses the global issue of food waste and offers a superior alternative to existing vacuum sealer technologies, which are more expensive, wasteful, and inconvenient! This patented technology allows for a much gentler psi level suitable for vacuum sealing delicate items such as organs and hearts, for when doctors are doing organ and heart transplants! A bottle type container has also been developed for vacuum sealing fluids like milks, sauces, creams, blood, plasma, etc.! The Enzo Container is fully REUSABLE, portable, easy to use, clean, and maintain! Current potential applications in medical, agriculture, commerce, and many outdoor activities! The Enzo Container offers economic benefits by reducing food waste and overhead costs throughout our food production! Over 3 years of extensive product market research has refined the product to its current state, ready for manufacturing! 😁

Posted by Enzo - The Enzo Container at 2023-12-07 00:23:48 UTC