WHAT I DID WITH MY IDEA: Consumers purchase for two reasons: 1) it solves a problem 2) how it makes them feel My first step was realizing my idea 💡 would solve a problem I was experiencing. To be a business/product, I could not be the only one experiencing the problem. I realized many others (my market) was experiencing the same problem and that it could possibly become something of value by solving the problem. I knew from experience there was nothing that exists but needed to know for certain, so I had a patentability search performed before investing time and money. When my search revealed I had an invention, through due diligence, I knew I had to protect my idea 💡 because I had to start bringing in experts for prototyping, engineering, manufacturing, etc. Does your product/service solve a problem or does it make others feel all fizzy inside?

Posted by shawn.taylor at 2023-11-30 16:41:48 UTC