Last step in the License The Concept effort: Getting the appointment! Hi gang, my first note here and I am asking for advice. I hope I finally have everything in order to go after the gold ring deal -- the website, cards, stationery, the Big Idea that looks like a sure winner. So -- how do we get the CEO or CFO of very large companies to take us seriously?? Being an unknown out here in the wasteland, they have lots of defenses against us of course. I have written a letter (nice paper, sharp logo, mailed flat) to the CFO politely asking for a brief meeting, then followed that up with an email. The texts have been very short, to the point, professional as I can make them. I have made no phone calls yet, waiting for some kind of response I think may be the best policy. Shall I just repeat the above every few days, writing another letter maybe twice a month and an email maybe every week?? Persistent but not overbearing, one would hope. Opinions please!

Posted by Dennis Porter at 2023-11-10 17:30:06 UTC