Hi Inventor Smart Community! 👋 My name is Andy. I'm a lifelong inventor and entrepreneur. My first entrepreneurial venture, like many of you perhaps, was a lemonade stand. What made it unique was that I donated all of the proceeds to a local children's hospital, which meant my parents had to buy a lot of lemonade.🍋 As a professional, I now specialize in helping online businesses to grow and navigate the ever changing digital landscape. I'm thrilled to be welcomed by @BrianFried and the rest of the wonderful Inventor Smart team. As a Community Advocate, I'm eager to contribute and help this creative and informative space for inventors flourish! I'm excited to connect with fellow members, hear about your experiences, learn from your successes, and understand the challenges you've faced. Your stories and insights will undoubtedly enrich this space. Thank you for being a part of this journey and for adding your voice to this community ❤️ Warmly, -Andy Katz

Posted by Andy Katz at 2023-10-19 17:22:23 UTC