Are you ready for market? This TV opportunity came through my former local inventors network (from before there was a National Inventor Club) - I am not affiliated but it looks like a good opportunity for inventors. From: Scarlett Redmond 609-458-6793 Hi there, Hope this email finds you well! I'm currently on the casting team for a brand-new TV series for a major streaming service called Buy It Now where inventors/entrepreneurs have an opportunity to pitch their products to millions of viewers, secure instant sales from both our live in-studio and home viewing audiences, and potentially secure a lucrative purchase order from the world's number one online retail outlet. Casting is currently underway, with production slated for early 2024. I wanted to share the info with your organization in case anyone is interested in being considered. The official application is at: Feel free to share my email with your community - happy to answer any questions!

Posted by Pierce (Mooney IP) at 2023-10-06 20:12:29 UTC