Going from having an “Idea to Market”: Having gone through the whole process, this elephant can seem to much to consume. It’s not! We eat it one bite at a time until it’s done. The very first step of inventing is the moment the novel idea comes to us. Step 2: I needed to know if my idea exist already, so I had a patentability search performed. The results determined my next step. Step 3: protection: I had to share with others if I was going to do something with my idea. I started my due diligence on “HOW”. This is where the #USPTO came in. There’s 3 types of patents (utility, provisional, & design) (plant didn’t apply to my idea). To determine which is more suitable for eating your elephant, don’t be afraid to ask and do not fear “NO”. Ask until you understand. We invest a lot into this process, use your resources. You’ll be surprised how people do not mind helping. Step 3A: part of the patenting process is getting a product designer and/or engineer to see that idea that’s in your head. I could see mine clear as day, without any artistic abilities, I had to figure out how to take it out of my head so others can see what I was seeing. I walked #Walmart isles until I seen something that could possibly work. It was a large cardboard gift box ($2 or less). I knew I could use it to demonstrate what I was seeing in my head. Before I knew it, I had a homemade working prototype for my retractable lid. It was enough to show a graphic designer & engineer to give them a pretty good idea of where I was going with it. They then brought in their expertise and made it better and functional. Once they got a working, functional product drawing, it was used as my claims & design for my patents. If you are in the beginning stages of your process, do not be shy. Ask questions. I knew absolutely nothing about taking an idea and making it a reality. I learned from others. This is the best platform to do the same. Stay tune for step 4.

Posted by shawn.taylor at 2023-08-02 12:56:35 UTC