OUR PRODUCT vs OUR PROCESS: We know our product(s) like we know our children. Several days ago, I spoke with an entrepreneur, business person, inventor and I realize how important it is to know my process. From the moment I got the idea/thought in my mine, I had absolutely no idea of how to bring it to market, how to get a working prototype, and ALL that good stuff in between. Learning and understanding the process is just as important as having a product. Just ask the inventor(s) of the RING. After our conversation, all the seminars, books, Coaching, mentoring, asking so many questions, and being told “NO”, was well worth it because it all lead me to a better knowledge of what the world of invention consist of. It really amaze me when I can join in on a conversation about inventing and not only understand what they are referring to but add value to it with my own experience and knowledge. Remember: the more I know, the more I know!

Posted by shawn.taylor at 2023-07-16 13:49:29 UTC