The Portable Gym That Transforms Your Workouts By @chris.ix, Premium Insider, Inventor Smart Community While running in the desert with my dog, the idea for the Olympus Grip was born. After military service and grad school, balancing work and family made fitness challenging. Running marathons didn't help my upper body, so I created the Olympus Grip. During a 90-day challenge, I used the Grip, made no diet changes, and worked out no more than 45 minutes daily. The ergonomic handles relieved my wrist and elbow pain. A week later, I competed in two Spartan Races, finishing in the top tier of my age group and qualifying for the North American Championships. The Olympus Grip was key to my success. Fitnix LLC - How it all Began “There I was, running in the desert, in the middle of nowhere, with my dog Colby at my side …” That’s the beginning of many of my favorite personal stories. It also describes the circumstances in which the idea of the Olympus Grip was born. After military service and graduate school, my wife and I moved to Nevada to begin a new life and a family of our own. I soon found that juggling the time demands of work and family life made it very difficult to maintain my personal fitness at the level I had become accustomed to in the military. To help stay in shape, I ran the Las Vegas marathon every year, but came to realize that running was doing nothing to help maintain my upper body and related muscles. I looked to find a solution that would allow me to get an upper body workout while running and perform every calisthenic exercise imaginable outside but could not find anything suitable on the market. I set out to solve this problem. The result is the Olympus Grip, a comprehensive exercise product for all your fitness needs. When I created my first working prototype of the Olympus Grip, I was out of shape as a result of a leg injury that had recently healed and a long history of Golfer’s Elbow pain. I set a 90-day fitness challenge for myself, which incorporated a set of rules to isolate the impact of the Olympus Grip, which included: - Always use the Olympus Grip while exercising. - No diet changes, protein powders, or supplements. - Workout no more than 45 minutes a day (on average) During this challenge, I discovered that the Olympus Grip’s ergonomically designed handles helped alleviate my wrist and elbow pain, which had been a long-standing problem. One week after completing my 90-day challenge, I competed in two Spartan Obstacle Course Races. I finished in the top tier of my age group and qualified for the Spartan North American Championships. For me, there was no question that the Olympus Grip was instrumental in my success. Read the full story and learn more about Chris Ix’s journey and the Olympus Grip: Check out the Olympus Grip at #PremiumInsider #InventorSpotlight

Posted by Inventor Smart at 2024-07-03 18:00:02 UTC